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What is Crossbox?
Crossbox is a GPS based racing tool made for professional and amateur motorsport athletes. It will transform your smartphone into a high-precision lap analyzing tool. In combination with our own developed receiver, it provides unique features to take your riding skills to the next level. Accurate to 0.05 seconds, the app will not only indicate your lap times, it will also visualize where on the track you are winning or losing time. Crossbox has been tested and approved by professional racers and is currently being used by athletes all over the world. This user-friendly app is the perfect tool to reduce your lap times.
What steps are necessary to use Crossbox?
Order the Crossbox CBX20 receiver in our webshop.
Download the ‘CrossBox Lap Timing’ app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, log in using your Facebook account or press ‘SIGN UP’.
Open ‘PROFILE’ / ‘VIEW PACKAGES’ and buy a software package to use the app.
Where can I buy Crossbox and how much does it cost?
You can buy the Crossbox CBX20 for 259,00 Euro on our website. We ship worldwide in every country. The app subscription must be purchased within the app and costs € 29,99 per 6 months. You can easily pause the subscription with only 1 click within the app. During the subscription time, CBX30 users are also insured against damage or loss of the device, so if you lose or break your CBX30 you will get an exchange device (€ 144 repair fee)
Which language does Crossbox support?
Crossbox is currently available in 4 languages (English, German, Italian and French).
Can I use Crossbox on every track/in every country?
CrossBox can be used on every outdoor track all over the world. No internet connection or mobile service necessary, just a good GPS signal with the CBX20 tracker.
What are the benefits of Crossbox compared to other Lap Timing tools?
Crossbox got developed together with former MX athletes, it got especially designed to meet the needs of professional Motocross racers. The CBX20 is waterproof and uses the lates GNSS technology to achieve unmatched accuracy. Our algorithms got designed to help athletes understand where on the track they are winning or losing time. 6D motion sensors detect your acceleration and braking behavior, your jumps distance and race start analysis. It is compatible with leading heart rate chest straps (like the Polar H10). Bluetooth and Wifi enables fast data sync from the CBX20 to the smartphone (a 30 minutes session takes around 2 minutes). The application got designed to also work with no internet connection given, additionally, a backup of your data will be stored on our server.
For which sports can I use Crossbox?
We developed Crossbox for motorsports. However, it can be used in any other outdoor sport as well. Such as jogging, mountain biking, skiing, and more.
Which heart rate straps are compatible with Crossbox?
Crossbox is compatible with all heart rate sensors that support Bluetooth. Some straps only support ANT+, and these cannot be paired with the Crossbox tracker. Check out the techspecs for all compatible sensors.
Do I have to carry my smartphone with me during the ride?
No. The only thing you need during your ride is your Crossbox tracker which gets mounted on your helmet. After you recorded your session on the tracker you have to sync the data with your smartphone app for analyzation.
Are my laps or created tracks visible for any other person?
Before your first analysis of your session, you will get asked if your laps and created tracks will be publicly displayed. You can change the setting at any time in your profile settings. Furthermore, you can also set individual rides and tracks not visible for others.
What smartphone can I use to operate Crossbox?
The Crossbox app is available for Apple iPhones version 4 and above and for all Android smartphones.
How much does the Crossbox Lap Timing app cost?
The app fees are € 29,99 per 6 months or € 7,99 per 1 month and can be cancelled any time in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
Where can I buy a Crossbox App subscription?
A Crossbox App subscription is only available via in-app purchase. Open your Crossbox app and tap on “Settings” on the sidebar. Your current package will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Tap on “Manage Package” and connect your CBX20 tracker if you already own a device. Afterwards choose your package and click on “Continue”. In the last step, a window will pop-up where you will be able to complete the subscription. Please note that an Apple / Google account is required.
How can I cancel my subscription?
You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. Therefore you need to open the App Store/Play Store, then tap on your account at the top and choose subscriptions. All your subscriptions are listed there. Click on Crossbox Lap Timing and choose cancel subscription or turn off automatic renewal.
Can I use the Crossbox Lap Timing app on my tablet, Windows PC or Mac?
It is possible to use the Crossbox Lap Timing app on your smartphone and tablet. Currently Crossbox is not available for Windows or Mac.
Which language is used in the Crossbox app?
The CrossBox app is currently available in English, German, Italian and French.
Is an internet connection required when I want to analyze my laps?
No, an internet connection is not needed for analyzing your laps.
My CBX20/CBX30 tracker does not show up on my phone. What should I do?
The Crossbox CBX20/CBX30 tracker is using Bluetooth BLE and will only show up in the Crossbox app and not in your smartphone Bluetooth settings. If your tracker does not show up in the app, please make sure to activate your GPS on your phone. If you are using an Android device, please also make sure to activate your GPS.
I recorded a run with my Crossbox tracker. How can I analyze it now on my smartphone?
Enable Bluetooth and Wifi at your smartphone. Go in the Crossbox App and tap “Add Run” in the overview menu or open the CROSSBOX menu.  Press REFRESH and a list with all the recorded sessions will be visible. Select the session you would like to import. After the syncing process got completed you can create a new track where you set your Start/Finish line and section lines, or you can select an already created track. Crossbox automatically detects your position and suggests existing tracks from others. We recommend choosing the most popular track to compare your laps with track users in the ranking.
What’s the difference between recording a run on the tracker and a “Live-Run”?
Recording a run means that you only ride with your Crossbox tracker on the helmet which stores all the laps. The session will get analyzed after the ride in the CrossBox app.

In a “live run” you connect your tracker via bluetooth with your smartphone. In this mode you need to carry your smartphone while riding. The benefit of this mode is that you or your coach will receive real-time information about your lap times, section times, heart rates and more. The “live run” feature will be available shortly!

What is the „Lap X”?
“Lap X“ is the theoretical fastest lap. Your fastest sections from all laps of your session will get pieced together.
Is it possible to change the unit from kilometers to miles?
Yes, you can change the unit in the app settings. When you select miles, the speed is displayed in miles and the jump distance is displayed in feet.
How can I compare myself with a friend?
In the Crossbox Lap Timing App you can connect with friends. Once linked, you can analyze your friends’ data and compare their laps with your laps. Note that you must have selected the same track to compare your laps.
What is the track leaderboard?
Each created track has a leaderboard that shows best lap times of all riders who did a run on this track configuration.
I want to compare my lap with a lap of a rider in the track ranking. How do I proceed?
Open the “Tracks” menu. Choose the track and you will get navigated to the leaderboard where you can select a lap of any rider to compare. After selecting the competitors lap, you will get navigated to a menu where you can select your own lap.
I am a trainer/father/friend and I want to analyze several riders in my Crossbox app. How do I proceed?
Open the “Sessions” Menu and click on your own name on the top of the screen. You will get navigated to a screen where you can link other riders. Send them a friend request and after they accept your request, you will be able to view all of their data.
My session says ``0 Laps``, why?
If you get zero laps in your analyzation, there might be something wrong with your track setup. The track that you had used might not be suitable for your ridden laps.

  1. Enter the session which shows zero laps
  2. Click on settings (right top)
  3. Click on “Change configuration”
  4. Select a different track or create a new one by tapping the “New track” button.

Always make sure that all the gates intersect with all laps and that no gate reaches in a different part of the track. Check out our tutorial video here: https://youtu.be/Tyu8wzbec2Q?t=41

Which GPS receiver can I use?
At the moment there are two trackers which are compatible with the Crossbox application. The Crossbox tracker “CBX30” (€259) and the “Dual XGPS160” (€189). Keep in mind that features like acceleration & braking points, heart rate connection, jump analytics and race start analysis are only available with the Crossbox CBX30 tracker. Additionally, the CBX30 is waterproof. The Dual XGPS should not be used on wet conditions.
What are the benefits of the CBX30 tracker?
The CBX30 is using the latest and best GPS components. It also has 6D motion sensors, which allows accurate start and jump analysis, as well as an analysis of the braking and acceleration behavior. It is waterproof and includes a buzzer (beep noise at start and stop) which allows taking action while the helmet is on. The CBX30 ist the newer version of the CBX20 and it has a stronger hardcase, improved battery life-time, epoxy overmold for better durability (vibration resistant) and a stronger charging cable.
Where is the GPS receiver mounted? Can I also mount in on my bike?
Please use the provided 3M DUAL LOCK adhesive strip to attach the Crossbox tracker to your helmet or your neckbrace. The new secure-mount plate (which is optionally available in our webshop) allows you to mount the CBX30 on your bike. However, strong vibrations of your bike can negatively influence the CBX30 as well as the Dual XGPS160, therefore we only recommend wearing it on your body. The 1 year warranty won’t cover damages caused by vibrations of the bike.

How do I use the Crossbox tracker and what do the different signal lights indicate?
Keep the power button (located on top of the receiver) pressed until the LED light starts turning orange. Wait until the light turns solid green which indicates that the receiver has found a valid GPS signal. To activate recording, tap the power button once and the green light will start blinking. Finish your session with another tap of the power button.
How long does the battery last and how do I charge it?
The battery of the Crossbox tracker lasts for up to 8 riding hours and is fully charged after 3 hours. If the battery level drops below 30%, charging is recommended. The GPS hardware must be charged with the included magnetic charging cable.
How can I update my firmware?
As soon as a new firmware is available, you will automatically receive a notification in the app (open the Menu “Crossbox” and connect your CBX tracker via bluetooth). There you can update the firmware with just one click. We highly recommend updating your firmware if a new update is available.
Is my Crossbox tracker waterproof?
The Crossbox “CBX30” tracker is rated IP65 splash waterproof and dustproof. However, watch out that the tracker should not get washed with high pressure and shouldn’t get merged under water.
My CBX20/CBX30 tracker is broken. What can I do?
If your CBX20 or CBX30 does not work anymore, send us an email to support@crossboxapp.com with a detailed description of the problem. If the issue is not indicated by wrong handling, we replace the device with no further charge within 1 year. We offer a replacement and repair service for €120 exclusive VAT if it is not a guarantee issue.
I have lost my CBX20/CB. What can I do?
In case you lose your CBX20 or CBX30 and if you have a valid app subscription running, we replace your CBX20/CBX30 for a replacement fee of € 120 exclusive VAT and shipping costs. We will remotely disable your lost device in that case. Send us an email to support@crossboxapp.com. 
How much is shipping?
The shipping costs are depending on the country. Find a full list of the shipping costs here.

To which countries does Crossbox ship?
We ship worldwide in every country.
How long does the shipping take?
Our parcels will be shipped within the next two business day after receipt of payment. Shipping time depends on the destination country, find a full list of the shipping durations here.

Where is my order?
After your parcel leaves our warehouse, you receive an e-mail with a tracking number. With this number, you can check online where your order currently is.
How does the returning process work?
If you are not satisfied with our product, you can return your CBX20 to us within fourteen days. Upon receipt and inspection of the returned good, we will refund you the full purchase price (excluding delivery costs). For this we use the same payment method that you chose when ordering. In the case of a return, fill out our return form and enclose it with the package.

Returns must be sent to the following address:
Crossbox Lap Timing e.U.
Parkstrasse 22
8280 Fürstenfeld

How can I pay the CBX30 tracker (payment methods)?
We offer the following payment:

Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard, in case of payment via credit card, the invoice amount will be debited immediately after the order is placed)

Cash in Advance (After the order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation with all the relevant information for the payment of the purchase. The products will be shipped immediately after the receipt of payment on our bank account)

PayPal (Pay the purchase amount easy and fast with your PayPal account)

How can I pay the smartphone app?
The app fees are to be paid directly in the app. The following payment methods are possible:

Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard)
In case of payment via credit card, the invoice amount will be debited immediately after the order is placed.

Will the annual app fee be deducted from my account automatically?
Once you’ve purchased the app, your subscription will start. From the second year, the fee will be automatically deducted from your account. With just one click in the profile settings you can cancel your subscription. The app will continue to be usable until the end of the subscription period.
What are the Crossbox bank details (necessary for orders via cash in advance)?
After the order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation with all the relevant information for the payment of the purchase. Please transfer the outstanding amount to the following bank account:

Account Holder: Crossbox Lap Timing e.U.
Bank: Raiffeisen-Landesbank Steiermark
IBAN: AT47 3800 0000 0435 8099



No matter where you live, we ship Crossbox worldwide,directly
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No matter where you live, we ship Crossbox worldwide,directly to your home.


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