01 Waiting List Crossbox CBX20

01 Waiting List
Crossbox CBX20

Due to high demand, we are currently fulfilling orders for the Crossbox CBX20 GPS device from a waiting list. Production is underway but availability will be limited for some time. Please fill out the form to make sure a Crossbox device will be reserved for you in the next batch. We will email you regularly to keep you updated. If you put yourself on the waiting list, you are not obliged to buy the device. As soon as the CBX20 is available again, you will receive an order link. At this time you can decide whether you want to order it or not.

The current estimated waiting times are as follows:

Crossbox CBX20 Tracker: 4-5 weeks from your date of sign up to the waiting list.

For quantities of two or more devices, please contact info@crossboxapp.com.


Your Details

    Is the purchase compulsory after being placed on the waiting list?
    No. If you have entered the waiting list, you will receive an email as soon as the Crossbox CBX20 Tracker is available for you. Then you can freely decide whether you want to order the device or not.
    How can I order the CBX20 when it is available?
    We’ll send you an email with a private link that’s valid for 48 hours. You will get linked straight to our webshop and you will be able to order your Crossbox CBX20 there.
    How quickly will get my order shipped?
    We dispatch orders within one to two business days after receipt of the order. You can choose between standard or express delivery in the checkout area.
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