Does this describe you? Have you spent a lot of time doing your laps and grinding it out, but at the end of your training session you are not improving significantly? Have you ever wondered why some athletes gain progress faster than others? In this article you will learn how to become faster, quicker!

 If you are one of those riders that just head to the track and ride 3-4 sessions per day without any specific goal and without any tool to control your performance, then the following tips will help you a lot.

#1: Set goals for each Motocross training session

Every professional athlete knows how important it is to have a goal for each training session and to know which area(s) you want to improve on.
A few examples of goals are:

  • – Faster lap times
  • – A more efficient riding technique
  • – Better consistency during a longer moto session
  • – Better race starts
  • – Smoother, faster and more efficient lines choices

#2: Control yourself – Become your own trainer

If you are unable to identify if you have achieved or exceeded your goal of the day or not, all of those goals are just words. If you have ever used a lap timer, you have most likely experienced a situation when you pushed really hard and you thought you had a fast lap time but in fact it was not – or maybe it was only slightly faster than other laps. That is why it is so important for you to get a feeling about which riding behavior leads to the fastest times. And the only way to achieve that is to use a lap timing tool at every training session. Make sure to use a tool that can measure lap times, section times, your heart rate and fastest lines.

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How to work on lower lap times

If you have the goal to shave seconds off your lap times, it is important to first work on the correct riding technique. You will not be able to increase your cornering speed significantly if you are not familiar with the basic cornering techniques.
The next step is to get a feeling about which braking and accelerating behavior works best. As mentioned above, a lap timer needs to be part of your essentials every time you hit the track. Try out different techniques (for example, in your next session try to brake not as hard as usual and carry more momentum through the corners) and continue to measure yourself. Soon, you will get a good feeling about what makes you faster and what doesn’t. The Crossbox lap timer is a powerful tool which is especially made to help riders become faster. It even shows your braking and accelerating points and it makes analyzing your sessions super easy and fun. (Product link:

How to work on better consistency

To be more consistent during a run means to have similar lap times throughout the whole moto. In other words, your average lap time should be as close as possible to your fastest lap and your theoretical best lap (sum of the best section times) should also be close to the fastest lap. To be consistent also means to have your heart rate pretty consistent during the whole session. The heart rate is an important indicator to get knowledge about the most efficient way to ride. You will learn that a good riding style is faster and will additionally keep your heart rate lower than an aggressive riding style which is also slower most of the times.  

Work on your race starts

The Motocross start is the only chance to pass 39 riders at once. This is why practicing starts are critical for winning races. And if you ever watched a professional team and how they schedule their riding days, a big part of the day gets used for practicing the starts. We are lucky to live in a time where special equipment is available to help work on them. We recommend using a start-gate, like the Risk Racing Holeshot Start Gate and a timing device like Crossbox to measure your performance. With Crossbox you will be able to measure your acceleration power and the time from 0-5m, to 10m, to 20m, to 40m and to 60m. In this way you can try different gears and starting techniques and have an instant proof of your times.



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No matter where you live, we ship Crossbox worldwide,directly to your home.


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