5 Tips and Tricks – Post #2

The second post of our “5 tips and tricks” series! Make sure to read it carefully to get the most out of Crossbox.

#1 Profile Statistics

 The profile statistics are live on the latest iOS and Android app versions and will bring you a lot of useful information about your riding activites. You are able to either see your all time statistics or choose a specific year. To get valuable statistics like the total hours, it is higly recommended to use Crossbox on every training session. The statistics include:


  • total time
  • total number of sessions
  • total distance
  • average speed
  • average session time
  •  average riding quantity (tells you how many minutes per week you ride on average)

Click on “All” to see all years or click or choose a year to get statistics from the selected year.
Tip: It is also possible to see the statistics of your friends. At the top screen all of your friends are listed, just tap on their name and see how much time they spent on the bike.

In the “Hours Per Month” graph you will get a nice overview about the total hours you rode in every month.

Endurance is as important as speed in sports like Motocross. Therefore you should increase your fitness by doing longer moto sessions. Our “Minutes Per Riding Day” and “Minutes Per Riding Session” bar graphs will show you at a glance how you improve on your training days and sessions.

Wouldn’t it be cool to see how many days you spent on your home track or favorite track? We sum up all of your riding days to show you how many days you spent on each track.

#2 Navigate to track

Did you know that Crossbox is great platform to explore new tracks and navigate to it’s location? You can navigate to any public track without searching the location on the internet.
If a user creates a new track and set it to public, it will be visible in your Crossbox apps tracks menu. You can either zoom into the map and search for tracks for example near you, or just use the search bar to search for specific tracks.

How to navigate to the track:
1. Select the track you want to navigate to.
2. On the top right corner you will find the “Navigate to track” button. If you tap on it, your google maps app will automatically open and you can start the navigation to the track.

#3 Hide rider-tag in lap comparison

If you compare two laps, the rider-tag appears on both laps with the current speed and heart rate. Although the rider-tag information is very useful, sometimes you want to focus on the lines only and the rider-tag could be annoying. Therefore you can easily hide the tags by tapping on the eye-icon on the top left corner.

#4 Stick two riders together for speed comparison

Stick rider A to rider B in lap comparison: With one button click, you are now able to stick one riders position to the second one to compare the speed at the same position. In this way, you can analyze f.e. corner entrance and exit speed at a glance.

How it works:

  1. Select two laps you want to compare with
  2. Tap on the icon at the far left bottom corner and you will recognize that the 2nd rider will jump to the nearest position from the 1st rider

From now onwards, you can analyze the speed difference on any position of the track from two of your laps, or a friends’ lap.

#5 Bike mount not recommended

We always recommend to place the Crossbox CBX20 GPS tracker on the top of your helmet for the best possible experience. In this way, the device has a clear view to the sky, which will always provides the best accuracy. We know that in some countries and race series it is restricted to mount a device on the helmet. In this situation, we recommend to mount the device on your neckbrace or back protector.

Why not mounting the CBX20 on the bike:

  1. Less accuracy
  2. Hard impacts and vibrations can reduce the life time of your CBX20. Your 1 year warranty will not cover damages caused by vibrations
  3. Our algorithms to detect jumps only work with the device mounted on the helmet

Any further question? Let us know!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately at support@crossboxapp.com or write/call us on Whatsapp: +436648459130



No matter where you live, we ship Crossbox worldwide,directly
to your home.



No matter where you live, we ship Crossbox worldwide,directly to your home.


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Receive the latest Crossbox News and special deals.No spam, promise!